Red Eye Treatment

Red Eye Medical Care

Red eye, also referred to as blood shot eyes, is due in part to swollen blood vessels in the sclera, the white part of your eye. Red eyes can cause your eyes to itch, feel irritated or swollen, painful, or you may experience eye discharge. Sometimes red eye even causes blurred vision, when in some cases there are no symptoms at all.

Red eye is usually caused by fatigued eyes, allergies, over wearing of contacts, chronic dry eyes, or eye infections such as pink eye. Since red eye can be caused by over wearing of contacts, it’s important to remember to use proper maintenance when caring for your contacts and adhere to the recommended length of wear time. Over wearing contacts may result in eye infections or the need to give your eyes a rest while they recover before wearing contacts again. When an eye infection results from over wearing of contacts, it could pose a serious threat to your eyes.

To help prevent red eye, be sure to practice good hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or when placing or removing contacts. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes, which may cause irritation and redness to occur. Also, be sure to address any allergies you experience with your doctor for help keep your allergy symptoms at bay.

To avoid eye fatigue, be sure to take regular breaks while working at a computer or partaking in other screen time activities, always read in proper light to not cause strain to your eyes, and get plenty of rest. It’s also important to not over use over-the-counter eye drops that are marketed for treating red eyes, because if not used correctly or as advised by an eye care professional, these drops actually make red eye worse over time. Most importantly, we recommend regular eye exams and vision screenings by our eye care professional. Being able to identify and track any changes with your eyes or vision is important for eye health.

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